What time should you book the cab for?

When choosing the time of collection there are a few thigs to consider. You should be at the airport approximately 2 hrs before your flight is due. You have to allow for travel time to the airport which can depend on the traffic at that time of the day. Traveling in or around rush hour can have a significant impact on the length of your journey. It can be difficult t work it out and if you are I dough feel free to give us a call on 01206 799997. We would suggest the following guide lines:

From Colchester To Stanstead airport allow 1 hour travel time

From Colchester To Luton airport allow 2 hours travel time

From Colchester To Heathrow airport allow 2 hours travel time

From Colchester To Gatwick airport allow 2 hours travel time

From Colchester To Southend airport allow 1 hours and 20 minutes travel time

The above times are only guidelines. They allow for a little bit of traffic. So for example if your plane is departing Stanstead airport at 8.45 am you should allow 2 hours boarding and 1 hour travel time. Therefore consider booking your taxi for 5.45 am if you are in colchester. 

Providing contact details:

You will automatically receive an email confirmation of your booking. For further useful text notifications please type in your mobile telephone number in the following format where you replace the first “0” with “0044”:

For example if your number is




Searhing your address:

When searching for your address, the easiest way is type in your postcode. 

Search address
Choose address

Choose the address 

Please make sure you chose an existing address from the list that appears below the address field. Otherwise the taxi booking system may not recognise the location and may quote you a wrong price and our driver may not find you. If your address is not listed, please call us on 01206 799997.

Choosing your destination:

Please make sure you choose the right airport and terminal from list that appears below the destination field. 

For example if your destanation is Heathrow terminal 5 please click on "Heathrow T5".

Heathrow Airport
Gatwick Airport

For Gatwick Airport 

Please choose "Gatwick South Terminal" or "Gatwick North Terminal" from the list.

For Southend Airport 

Please choose "Southend Airport" from the list.

Southend Airport

Flight number

Providing us with the flight number is crucial! This will allow your taxi driver to track your airplane. While some airports allow collection of passengers in designated areas others force drivers to use costly carparks like Heathrow. Flight number will help us see if your plane is delayed, early or even cancelled altogether.

Flight number
Taxi type

Choosing the vehicle type:

Please look on or homepage for a guide on what type of vehicle you may need for your airport transfer. The 6 seater option will give you a 7 seater vehicle for 6 passengers with limited bag storage. The 8 seater option will be a 9 seater minibus up to 8 passengers with ample space for luggage. If an ordinary estate vehicle will be satisfactory, please leave it as an vehicle. Or if you wish to travel in style or luxury comfort, you may wish to choose our A class. Your choice will have an impact on the price.

Driver note / additional information:

This can be anything you think it may be useful either directions like:

There are 2 cottages at the address we are the first one n the right

Or additional information for example if you have got extra bags.

2 people but 6 large bags. It may mean that our operator calls you to confirm the booking and advise you that you may need a larger vehicle.


Return journey

Payment option:

We currently offer 2 types of payment methods. For most personal bookings it will be cash to the driver. For some customers we can offer an account. For more information on regular travels and opening a business account, please contact our office.

Additional charges:

In some rare circumstances the company or the driver may choose to apply additional charges.

Additional charges

If You are booking a return journey at the same time parking charges may apply.

Book your taxi now

Stanway Travel Services Limited offers an online booking facility. If you are a returning customer

Book now

If you are new to our booking system or would like some general help/advice, please sroll down. Below you will find some useful informaton and booking instrutions! 

In anycase if you have multiple collection or drop off points you must contact the office for a quotation or to complete the booking for an accurate price. Automated booking systems are fantastic however, we beliave its best to talk to a member of our staff for common sense and to negotiate the best pride in these cases. We allocate and dispatch jobs manually a day in advance to ensure availability. So if you wish to book a taxi with less then 24 hour notice, please do not use the online booking system, call us instead on 01206 799997.