Booking process

Booking process start to finish

This is how it normally works

Bookings by phone / email:

We take all necessary information and create a job on our system. If you have emailed us, we may contact you for further details.

When that is completed, you will receive an automated confirmation by text and email where possible.  We ask that you check this carefully and make sure all details are correct.

The day before your journey is due our office staff will (part of the daily task) will allocate a driver to your job . He will also contact the driver to make sure they are availably and to check all instructions are clear. And your job will appear on the taxi drivers phone.

When your transfer is due your job becomes active and they can now accept it. At this point another text message will be sent to you with the drivers details along with a link for you to track their progress.

When they arrive at the pickup, they will update their status and you will be again notified by a text. 

For detailed information about online booking head to our booking page. Or you may wish to contact us for any other enqueries.